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Bozhou district(formerly Zunyi county) is affiliated to Guizhou, Zunyi Province, located in the north of Guizhou province. The total investment is nearly 200 million. The construction of the system will follow the guiding principle of "government led, unified planning, unified standards, unified management, resource sharing, and meet the demand", and mobilize the parties involved in the area. At the same time, using the network technology of video surveillance technology, networking technology, cloud computing technology, starting from the needs of social security monitoring, emergency response requirements of the integrated management of the city and emergencies, to fully integrate the existing cyber source, information resources and image resources, realize the sharing of resources, improve the management level and the ability of fast. On the basis of the construction of the simple video surveillance system, the urban intelligent transportation management function, emergency command management and Internet of things applications are expanded to realize the unified and comprehensive management of the people, vehicles and objects in the New Area
本項目共包含13個子係統:Intelligent project in commercial parts contains 13 subsystem:

智能交通係統        Intelligent Traffic System

移動監控係統        mobiles monitoring system 

視頻監控平台    Video monitoring platform

視頻監控係統       Video monitoring  system

WIFI圍欄               WIFI fence

全網電子圍欄       Whole network electronic fence

動態信息采集係統   Dynamic information acquisition system

手機數據采集係統   Cellphones data acquisition system

公安網綜合應用平台   Comprehensive application platform of public security network

數據中心        Data center

機房工程            Engineering of Electronic Equipment Plant

視頻專網建設      Construction of video private network
督查係統              Supervision and Inspection System

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